How to Choose a Portable Tennis Ball Machine

How to Choose a Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Article by James Smith

There are several things to bear in mind when choosing which portable tennis ball machine to purchase.

The Life of the Battery

Most tennis courts do not have a permanent power outlet. As a result, many tennis ball machines are powered by battery. The battery lives seem to vary. Some will last up to eight hours, whereas others will need recharging after two hours of use. If you are going to be using your tennis ball machine for long periods, battery life will be a major factor in deciding which model to buy.

Ball Capacity

Unlike most of the more permanent tennis ball machines, portable models often only hold between thirty and three hundred balls. A greater ball capacity will mean that you will not have to interupt your session to keep re-filling the machine. However it must be noted that as the ball capacity of the tennis ball machine increases, sodoes the cost and weight.


If you would like your tennis ball machine to be able to fire balls in different directions, forcing you to anticipate the next shot, you must ensure that it has an oscillation setting. In addition, keep an eye out for models that allow the user to input shot patterns and receive a random sequences of deliveries. Although these features will improve the level of realism, adding an element of unpredictability to your pratices, they will not be able to fully relicate the benefits that can be gained from playing with a human player.


High end models of tennis ball machines are capable of firing a ball at speeds of 100 mph. Whilst this feature is only of benefit for experienced players, it must be appreciated that some tennis ball machines have a maximum velocity of only twenty mph. If you would like your tennis ball machine to be capable of keeping pace with your development as a player, pay careful attention to the minimum – maximum speed and velocity ranges.


Some models are activated by remote control. This is a very useful feature, particularly if you will be using the tennis ball machine alone.

It is necessary to think carefully about your specific requirements before purchasing one of the many tennis ball machines on the market. For more information visit Tennis Ball Machines Guide.

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