How To Pick The Right Baseball Gear

How To Pick The Right Baseball Gear

Article by Lilian Bonduelle

Using the Appropriate Baseball Gear

Baseball gear comes in many forms, and what is needed varies a lot from one player to the next. Before you purchase your first gear item it’s important to know what your team or league will and won’t allow as well as what position you intend to play. Nevertheless, there are some general principles you can use when shopping for baseball gear, and we’ll be looking at some of these in this article.

The fundamental offensive weapon in baseball is the bat, and this can be found in several varieties. For one thing, you have to consider the rules of the league that you play in. If you get a wooden bat, there are no problems, as these are permitted everywhere and you may even prefer these. Some players, however, opt for the greater power and durability of aluminum or other metal bats.

Some leagues, especially for younger players, don’t allow metal bats for safety reasons. You should experiment with different bats and find the type that’s just right in terms of size and weight.

If you are a serious baseball player you will want to consider custom made gear. A glove can be customized in a variety of ways such as type of leather, webbing, welting and color. If you have been playing for a while you probably know just what works best for you making this a good thing to consider. A seasoned player may even want a customized bat which can be made of wood or metal, be weighted to a certain spec and carry a logo if desired. Customized baseball gear is of course more expensive than your typical retail gear but can be worth it.

If you play on a team, an equipment bag is something you should get. This helps you carry around all your gear efficiently and not lose track of anything. It also helps protect your gear so it can remain in the best possible condition. In some cases, there is a standard bag for members of a team, otherwise your preference will determine the type of bag you get. Some players prefer baggage type bags with wheels, while others like backpacks or duffel bags. The type of bag isn’t important but what is, is that it’s large enough to carry all your gear and it’s waterproof.

Baseball is a very traditional game, and while some types of gear, such as bats, have changed over the years, many things remain fairly constant. Having a glove that fits your hand, and clothing and protective gear that fits properly are always an essential part of the game. Use this tips to find equipment that fits you and allows you to focus on the game.

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