Take Your Dog Out to the Ball Game

Take Your Dog Out to the Ball Game

Article by Sonja Wall

Hey Baseball Fans !! Take me out to the Ball Game … The National Pastime … American as Apple pie … are some slogans used by baseball enthusiasts. Sharing these exciting ball games with your pet makes them second to none. If you can’t be in the Grandstand in the Stadium … hang out with your dog and root for the home team!

Baseball is a 6 month sport season with memorable moments on and off the field. Your star outfielder is right under your nose. Have some game time fun with a plush Talking Baseball Sports Toys with Rope Handles. It is a great interactive pull & tug dog toy. This clever combination of plush talking pet toys, with a strong, colorful cotton rope attached to each end will entertain you and your pet for hours. Give a squeeze and your pet will hear Tug ‘N Talk Sports respond with a real life sound. Baseball dog toy says “That Ball is Going, Going, Gone….! And the Crowd Roars!

A line drive with the Baseball Boing Ball Dog Toy is caught! This plush baseball dog toy makes a fun “boing” sound – sporty dogs will have a ball! Baseball measures 4 1/2″. Another fun baseball dog toy is the Beefy Baseball bouncing beef-flavored baseball that comes in two sizes. Major League Baseball dog toy is the size of a major league baseball and Pee Wee is slightly larger than a golf ball. Your dog will enjoy hours of fun. Awesome, Durable Toy! Prime Rib Flavor will get your dogs attention

When the ball is “outta here” – show your homerun excitement with a Grriggles Fowlers Squawking Chicken Baseball Dog Toy! This Baseball Squawking Chicken pet toy measures 9″ and made of high-quality latex with a loud squawker inside. This inning is looking promising!

Wearing your good luck charm or your favorite player’s Jersey? Your dog is a true baseball fan also with a Pet Collar Charm for the Athletic Dog. A metallic, baseball themed charm is great for the athletic hound and owner. Charm features a lobster claw clasp for secure attachment to collar. An Officially Licensed MLB Dog Jersey is available in 17 MLB Teams. This is a MUST have for any Baseball Fan who loves their dog (or cat) as much as they love their team. Made of 100% Polyester. All Jerseys are numbered with “00” and have the Official Team colors and logo plus a team patch on the sleeve. These Deluxe Mesh MLB Jerseys have a very high quality look and feel. Get your favorite team today and GET YOUR DOG IN THE GAME!

Watching one or all 162 Major League Baseball games requires game time snacks. Hot dogs for you and 12 inch Beef Sausage Links Sausage Dog Treats for your pet. These 12″ sausages can be broken into multiple treats or given whole. Don’t spend too much time trying to find the crumbs after your dog has had its way with this treat! By the 7th inning you’re ready for some peanuts and a beer. The baseball game is getting tense. Your buddy can sense the pressure and needs some refreshments as well. All Natural Baseball Yogurt Covered Peanut Butter Dog Treats relieve the 3:2 count 2 outs end of game stress. Play ball or better yet EAT THE BALL!! Each all natural dog treat cookie is approx 3 inches

Wash it all down with a brewsky. For your dog a 12oz Beefy Ale Bowser Beer non-alcoholic Dog Beer. Bowser Beer is a beefy, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage for dogs. A fun, healthy, and unique alternative to water, it can be served with a dog treat, straight out of the bottle, or as a topping on dry food. Dogs are known to love beer and now their owners can treat them with their own festive, delicious brew. Why share when you have a better alternative? Hops and alcohol free, it is made with human-grade ingredients, and is low in calories and fat. It’s a party in a bottle

Whether your favorite team is the World Series Champions, Philadelphia Phillies (National League East) leader or the other current MLB division leaders the New York Yankees (American League East), Detroit Tigers (AL Central), Texas Rangers (AL West), Milwaukee Brewers (NL Central) and Los Angeles Dodgers (NL West); enjoy the baseball game with your All-Star Pup!

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